Lions ROAR into Action

#Roar is an exciting IDEAS competition for Key Stage 2 students of Primary Schools sponsored by Lions Clubs and is being run and organised by the IDEAS company 7billionideas. Lions Clubs are the voluntary service organization that helps schools and children with their PHSE Education.

Schools are nominated to take part in this competition which has been funded by the Lions to encourage and develop the creativity existing in all Students. The Student’s objective is to generate and develop an IDEA that could change the World. It could be about absolutely anything, as long as it has a positive impact on the planet.

The competition is structured to hit a number of different areas of the school curriculum, including – PSHE, Citizenship, SMSC and British Values and the Education programme has been funded by the Lions.

The competition will run between September and December and is kick started with a roadshow delivered by 7billionideas at the selected School in September.

The end goal is to have a winning team from each School chosen to represent the School in the #Roar finals day in December, where all of the Schools competing come together to celebrate their imaginations and their entrepreneurial spirit.

Students are awarded t-shirts and medals for making the final and the winning IDEA will be turned into a children’s book that goes live on Amazon.