Lions Message in a Wallet

All Lions clubs have been associated with the Message in a Bottle scheme which was launched several years ago, however a relatively new project to supplement the Bottle scheme is now available via the Message In A Wallet. The Wallet scheme which has a similar form as in the bottles to contain an individual’s Medical, Allergy details and contact details in an emergency etc. which is then contained in a plastic sleeve (credit card size) and placed in a Wallet, Purse or Handbag. The advantage of this scheme being if you are away from home and are in need of urgent medical treatment your details are readily available with you.

The Wallets have been recognised by the Emergency Services as another Lions project that assists them when an individual is in need of urgent medical treatment by notifying them of medication already prescribed and any allergies.

The Wallets have been readily accepted by all sections of the community including younger people who believe the wallets offer a service to everyone.

If you require further information about Message in a Wallet please contact us via email