Lions can help a blossoming problem.

Sight, that precious sense, is under unprecedented attack. Despite huge clinical and technological advances, record numbers of people are needlessly going blind.
Avoidable blindness is verging on a national tragedy, so more organisations, like the Lions, are important in encouraging people to get their eyes tested.

Through our Lions clubs we can make the public aware of the importance of having their eyes tested regularly, 20% of blindness is avoidable. The main causes are disease processes that could have been detected early enough to slow down uncorrected short or long sight.

We are living longer across all disabilities, but sight loss is on the rise.
The alarming rise in type 2 diabetes has led to a corresponding rise in diabetic retinopathy over the last decade. With more than 5 million people currently estimated to have the condition the burden can only increase.
The major disease causes of blindness; diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma and age-related wet macular degeneration are all amenable to treatment if diagnosed early enough. No one should be visually impaired because they have not had access to care.

Lions are now launching the ‘spot cameras’, these have the potential to provide a much faster diagnosis, which is vital in preventing sight loss from a number of conditions

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